Michael Simon

Michael Simon is the Founder and President of TixSurance.  He has been a trusted insurance executive for nearly 40 years—advising and representing the insurance needs of a wide range of business clients, including ticket brokers.  Michael is recognized as an expert in designing innovative insurance programs, with a specialty in hedge protection for sports and entertainment clients.

Michael founded TixSurance in 2015 as a new and innovative way for ticket brokers to protect their potential profits in the event a concert is cancelled or a sports team is eliminated from the playoffs.

The TixSurance mission is to provide ticket brokers with an easy and affordable way to protect their profits against a wide range of contingencies that can impact the value of sports and entertainment ticket portfolios.

Keren Latzer

Keren Latzer is the VP of Marketing at TixSurance.  Keren is an experienced entrepreneur and businesswoman.  She is bilingual and fluent in English and Hebrew, and proficient in basic Spanish conversation.

Keren is excited to be a part of the TixSurance team and looks forward to being an integral part of this innovative company. She is passionate about the opportunity to help ticket brokers maximize their profits and protect their ticket portfolios. Her mission is to educate ticket brokers on the variety of innovative insurance products that TixSurance offers, to enable them to maximize their bottom line in an easy and affordable way.