TixSurance | Providing Hedge Protection for the Ticket Broker Industry
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The NFL, NBA and NHL Seasons Are In Full Swing

Ticket Brokers, If You Have Inventory, We Can Protect You If Your Team Misses The Playoffs

Make the most of what can be a nightmare

* Teams not making the playoffs

* Teams not advancing to the next round of the playoffs

* Teams not making the finals

* Quoted Rates are tax deductible (Sec. IRS Code 162)

TixSurance Is Your Profitability Assurance!

TixSurance provides a catalogue of unique products designed to enable the event ticket resale community to easily and effectively insure your revenue streams – from the comfort of your office.

Our Solutions

Our solutions span multiple “categories” but we can also create unique products that will meet your exact scenario.  Why leave your profits up to chance? TixSurance eliminates the anxiety of event day worries.